What makes a good company is people…

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EXPERIENCE MEETS INNOVATION. As a company founded by many of the GREAT leaders in the horse trailer industry, SMC Trailers is not your typical “new company.” Our team has over 200 years of combined experience, and this experience shows up in each and every trailer manufactured by us!

Relying on this experience, our goal was to design a horse trailer that was as tough as the high-end models, but at a production setting price. And boy did we exceed that goal! Our engineers plan ahead for every beam, brace, and screw BEFORE we building anything. While many other manufactures build a horse trailer at one facility and then send the trailer to a second company to build the “conversion” or living quarters area (which is inefficient, timely, and more expensive), SMC builds every trailer shell and living quarters at the same facility, right here in Bristol, Indiana! This process has created a very well thought-out, tough, quality horse trailer at an extremely affordable price.

We’ve truly found a way to use yesterday’s experience to build tomorrow’s horse trailer – contact your SMC dealer today!



Our team of proven industry leaders has helped make SMC a successful company right out of the gate! Get to know a few of our management team members!


“AJ has been running the customer service operation of major horse trailer manufacturers for 11+ years. Her reputation for taking care of the dealer and the customer is unmatched. She provides proven assurance of the best service after the sale to all potential customers. “


Tim Schmucker | SMC Trailers National Sales Manager

“Tim has successfully lead sales teams at previous horse trailer manufacturers for 17 years and makes it his craft to always deliver for the dealer and customer. He is known in the business for his ability to meet everyone’s needs and provide flexibility to customers in building their dream trailer.”


Tom Blessing | SMC Trailers Service Team

“Tom has proudly run the service department of a horse trailer manufacture for 17+ years. He has an outstanding talent for resolving problems and communicating with repair facilities. Taking care of customers is Tom #1 priority.”


Mike | SMC Trailers Production

“Mike has been running production for successful horse trailer manufacturers over 8 years, and has always focused his team on constant improvement and quality. He is known for building the best trailers in the industry.”


Jennifer Lacey | SMC Trailers Accounting and Finance

“Jennifer has been in the manufacturing industry for 11 years and is one of the key people who work to keep manufacturing costs down, while ensuring all SMC’s components are top quality.”


Amos Wickey | SMC Trailers Production

“Amos runs one of SMC’s production plants and has been a master at training our team and getting production running at top efficiency, very quickly. Amos keeps the work environment fun and ensures SMC is a great place to work!”


Jyssica Delancey | SMC Trailers Management

“Jyssica has over 9 years of managerial and administrative experience with a strong customer service record. Jessica does a phenomenal job of keeping SMC’s daily operations running smoothly and offering assistance to the team wherever possible.”


Michelle | SMC Trailers

“Michelle has been SMC’s ultimate behind the scenes champion, running the office side of several horse trailer manufacturers over 12 years. She continues to be that invaluable member of our team who pulls everything together.”


Amy | SMC Trailers

“Amy oversees HR at SMC and has been working in human resources for over 12 years. She does an amazing job taking care of our team and their families! Amy’s policy is that happy people do great work.”


Shawn | SMC Trailers

“Shawn Eby has been taking care of customers for many years now within the recreational vehicle industry. Shawn works hard to help all his customers and meet all their needs!”


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Pictured in front of SMC’s first trailer off the line.

SMC Team